Our Services

We are constantly adapting our services to meet the needs of a more sophisticated and rapidly changing marketplace.  The skills and expertise required by companies to improve their business processes and IT capabilities are an ever increasing demand on resources and our aim is to provide the most effective resourcing solutions.

Procedures documentation

The requirement for companies to produce and maintain accurate and up-to-date policies and procedures places huge pressure on their own resources. We are able to reduce the documentation overload from individual departments such as Human Resources and Finance, by providing our own specialist resource.

Examples of Procedures:

  • HR Policies
  • Working Practices
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Finance Audits
  • Financial Processes


Technical Documentation

Companies' products and services require clear and effective documentation to ensure the overall package or offering is complete. We provide technical authors who are experienced in a range of technical subjects such as software, telecommunications, aerospace and industrial products.  

Bids and Proposals 

We supply writers who have experience of the bid process.  This includes writing content for the bid, co-ordinating and collating information for the bid and ensuring consistency and high quality in creating a winning theme.


IT specialists

We recruit specialist IT staff for specific assignments and placements.  The range of expertise includes web designers, software developers, analysts and project managers.